swamp cooler for home workshop

Can I Use a Swamp Cooler for My Workshop?

If you are unhappy with the heat in your workshop, you might be looking for a cooling solution. A swamp cooler, also commonly referred to as an evaporative cooler, is an effective and efficient cooling solution.

Can you use a swamp cooler for your workshop? Yes, in most cases, this is a suitable solution for cooling a workshop. We’ll talk about some of the concerns people have about using swamp coolers to help you decide if this is the best cooling solution for your workshop.

Will a Swamp Cooler Cool My Workshop?

Yes. An appropriately sized swamp cooler will cool your workshop. For example, Portacool evaporative coolers will cool spaces up to nearly 6,000 square feet. Depending on the conditions, an evaporative cooler can drop the temperature of air by up to 30° F, capable of creating comfortable conditions even in the most searing, dry heat. Although humidity does diminish the effectiveness of evaporative coolers, they can still deliver important benefits. Even in hot and humid conditions, a Portacool can drop the air temperature by 13° F.

Does It Matter If My Workshop Is Drafty?

evaporative cooler for home workshopNo. Swamp coolers work well for cooling buildings and open spaces where there is not a good seal between the inside and outside.

Air conditioners depend on being able to concentrate, cool, and recool the air, so losing air through drafty walls makes it hard for air conditioners to keep a workshop cool. The air conditioner will either not be able to keep up with the demand or it will overheat itself.

Swamp coolers do all their cooling with one pass of air over the evaporative media. They need access to a constant supply of warm air to do their cooling, but they are less affected if the cooled air can escape.

Will a Swamp Cooler Damage the Tools or Materials in My Workshop?

No. Swamp coolers do humidify the air they cool. However, this does not lead to additional corrosion or rot when used properly. Adequate ventilation, not over-cooling a space, and proper cooler maintenance will ensure the evaporative cooler doesn’t damage metal tools or cloth and wooden materials in your workshop. Portacool evaporative coolers are used in metal shops and garages around the country without causing corrosion or other problems.

Will a Swamp Cooler Ventilate my Workshop?

Yes. If you have a workshop where you regularly work with paints, stains, or other materials that can give off fumes, you need to properly ventilate the workshop to keep it safe. A swamp cooler pulls air from outside, ensuring you have a constant supply of fresh air.

If you work with highly toxic materials, you might need a hood, a mask, or other specialized equipment to deal with these fumes.

Will a Swamp Cooler Be Damaged by Dust in My Workshop?

No. An air conditioner draws air from inside the workshop for cooling. This means that it can easily become clogged or damaged by sawdust or other types of dust in your workshop. Because a swamp cooler draws air from outside the workshop and blows workshop air away from it, it is less likely to be damaged in a dusty environment.

Why Choose Portacool Evaporative Coolers for Your Workshop

If you are looking to cool your workshop, a Portacool is a great choice. In addition to all the benefits of an evaporative cooler, Portacool offers quality workmanship that sets them apart. Portacool comes with the best-in-class service and warranties. Made in the USA since 1990, Portacool also uses the only evaporative media that is also made in the USA. Not only is the Kuul Comfort evaporative media made in the USA, it’s made entirely from materials sourced in the USA.

To get a Portacool for your workshop, please visit a local or online retailer.