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Blommel Motorsports

Renowned by motorcycle enthusiast Matt Blommel is known for his motorsport expertise. His Portacool evaporative cooler keeps him in the shop working hard despite the Florida heat.


CrossFit Deep Ellum

With more than 10,000 square foot, hard-hitting workout and Texas heat, CrossFit Deep Ellum had to find a cooling option that would do more than simply stir hot air around.


All-Pro Fasteners

While we may not think about fasteners in our day-to-day life, companies like All-Pro Fasteners are working around the clock to produce the literal nuts and bolts that hold things together. Founded in 1976 to be a full-line, full-service fastener distributor for the oil and gas industry, All-Pro Fasteners has expanded into a variety of markets to make them a leading fastener solutions provider.


University of North Texas

North Texas is hot and humid throughout the football season, which kicks off in the summer with training camp and two-a-days and goes through the fall. Jeff Smith, Senior Associate Athletic Director of Sports Medicine at UNT, says the heat can take its toll on the players.


Shreveport Fire Department - Scene Rehab

For more than 10 years, the Shreveport Fire Department (SFD) has utilized a mobile Scene Rehab Unit to help rehab firefighters after significant fires or in extreme heat situations.


Central Sabine Fire Department

Based in Many, Louisiana – about 75 miles south of Shreveport – the Central Sabine Fire Department (CSFD) is the centrally located fire district within the three Sabine Parish districts. Serving just over 11,000 residents, this district is not your typical paid firefighter team. CSFD is an all-volunteer department providing public education, fire suppression, rescue, hazmat, EMS and dive services to its community.

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Shreveport Fire Department - Maintenance Facility

The Shreveport Fire Department serves a community of almost 200,000 citizens in northwest Louisiana. The department includes 22 fire stations and an expansive fleet of vehicles serviced and maintained by the Fire Maintenance Facility.


Jim Dunn Racing

Jim Dunn has been racing since his teens. At 84 years young, he hasn’t slowed down. He has created a solid team to focus on NHRA Championship Drag Racing. That team includes three generations of hard workers and a capable crew with driver Jim Campbell at the wheel. In 2018, the team took to the road to compete in 24 races across the country


Shelby Veterinary Associates

Texas summers can be scorchers. Those in charge of animal care have to take extra precautions to ensure pet safety in hot conditions. Mark Jousan, DVM, is a Texas-based licensed veterinarian who knows this all too well. He and his team treat all types of pets and animals at Shelby Veterinary Associates, PLLC, a full-service animal hospital near the Texas/Louisiana border.


Mauser USA

Imagine a 150,000-square-foot facility with few doors and little ventilation and packed with heat-producing machinery, including three 18-foot-by-70-foot paint drying ovens that easily reach up to 550°F. Employees  must constantly wear heavy protective clothing and stand directly next to the machinery. Did we mention the facility is also located in hot, humid Houston, Texas? For Mauser USA, the largest drum-making facility in America, this is their reality.


Portacool Management

As CEO of the leading manufacturer of evaporative cooling technologies, Ben Wulf sets a fast and furious pace for achieving goals at Portacool, LLC based in Center, Texas, near the Louisiana border. As with many manufacturing facilities, Wulf has to ensure his employees stay safe from heat stress.


Portacool Manufacturing

As the global leader in evaporative cooling technologies, Portacool, LLC is constantly driven by innovation. Keeping the East Texas-based plant as productive as possible to keep up with demand is imperative. Portacool has faced its own cooling and productivity challenges to produce thousands of cooling products a year and is constantly driving towards even higher levels.


Portacool Plastics

As the leading manufacturer of portable evaporative coolers, Portacool, LLC designs products to keep employees, hobbyists and consumers around the world not only comfortably cool, but ultimately safe. Extreme heat is an increasingly prevalent problem that can slow down reaction times and create an unsafe environment. Located in East Texas, Portacool employees are no stranger to extreme heat and none are more well-acquainted than those working in the Plastics Division.



Known for creating unique rat rods, Steve Darnell’s Welder Up shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, is not the average car customization shop. In the day-to-day operations of the Welder Up shop, Steve’s team works more than five months out of the year in sweltering Vegas temps. Given that the shop doors stay open and the fabricating machines put off tons of heat, keeping the work area cool had been a challenge.


City of College Station

Located just under two hours northwest of Houston in the heart of the Brazos Valley is College Station, Texas, a college town with a population of 112,141. College Station is home to the main campus of Texas A&M University and is a good depiction of all things Texas – from trucks to tailgating to southern heat. The mechanics at the City of College Station Fleet Services consider themselves to be well acquainted with the extreme temperatures the south can dish out year-round.


Count's Kustoms

Shannon Aikau of Count’s Kustoms discovered portable evaporative coolers in the 90s and since then, he won’t work in the shop without one running. In fact, Shannon says that having a Portacool evaporative cooler is an absolute necessity for him. And, over the years he has honed his perfect Portacool set-up to stay optimally cool.


Washington Iron Works

Washington Iron Works is located in a late-1800s era building in Sherman, Texas. The building is a massive metal box with little insulation and in the summer, it cooks. Have air conditioning installed simply was not practical. The guys tried shop fans, which blew a decent amount of air, but ultimately just stirred the hot air around. That is when Portacool came to the rescue.


Hard Eight BBQ

Die-hard fans can’t get enough of Hard Eight’s flavorful smoked meat. At the restaurant, smoke billows from the pits and into the parking lot, tempting guests with the delightful aroma. Those giant pits don’t only generate amazing smells, they also put off a huge amount of heat and locations around Dallas-Fort Worth can reach 120°F around the pits. The Coppell location came to rely on Portacool evaporative coolers to make a cooling difference after quickly realizing fans alone would not cut it.


Joe T. Garcia's

Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth is cited as a city staple since 1935, the restaurant has flourished to become a legendary destination for food, margaritas and perhaps most of all, an inviting patio ambiance. The restaurant itself has expanded over the years to cover the length of an entire city block and seats more than 1,500 customers. On a weekend evening, wait times to be seated can stretch for two hours and those waits can be brutal in the punishing Texas summer sun.



Katie Cleveland is a die-hard DIYer who created her blog, Addicted2DIY, to share her family’s journey towards making their house a home in Arizona. The summer of 2017 started off with particularly brutal heat in Arizona. The mercury rose so high that summer several airports in the area shut down. Katie’s 2,400 square foot workshop reached 113°F inside and was unbearable. Katie decided she had to have a little relief and turned to Portacool.


Warfighter Made

Warfighter Made is a unique organization based in Temecula, California, that, as part of their recreational therapy, helps combat-wounded veterans return to pre-injury hobbies they enjoyed. At the 4,100 square-foot shop in Temecula, the veterans gather to work on their all-terrain vehicles and enjoy each other’s company. During the summer, the shop gets hot – quick.



Dave Archer

According to equine experts, horses must expend considerable energy to keep cool as temperatures climb. Not protecting your animals from the effects of heat can lead to poor performance and even potentially fatal heat strokes. Dave Archer, owner of Dave Archer Show Horses in Pilot Point, Texas, trains Quarter Horses and Appaloosas. Being in the heart of North Texas, Dave and his team combat the heat almost half of the year.


Coker Family

Several miles down a dirt road outside Tyler, Texas, the forest of loblolly pines suddenly opens to reveal a private runway and seven airplane hangars. The hangars house eleven planes owned by the Coker family and their friends. Even though many of the hangars are well-insulated, it just is not enough protection from the brutal East Texas heat. The Coker family turned to Portacool as a solution.


Curtis Air Field

Curtis Field, a World War II pilot training airfield, is now a sprawling 506 acre complex, comprised of two large 100’x140’ hangars, two medium 100’x100’ hangars and 10 t-hangars that house 58 planes. Located northwest of Austin, Texas, the temperature often spikes into the triple digits. The most obvious solution would be a large overhead fan, but often these options only push the stifling air from high in the hangar’s ceiling to the floor. There is airflow, but it is hot air!


Dan McNeely

Dan and Hollie McNeely live in an airpark in northeast Texas – a neighborhood specifically developed for airplane hobbyists. Most of the 80 houses in the airpark have a private airplane hangar located in the backyard attached to an airstrip. During the summer the sweltering conditions in Dan McNeely’s hangar often interfered with his activities and kept his wife and friends completely out of the hangar. So Dan went in search for a solution.


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