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What Size Fan Do I Need for My Barn?

If you want to maintain a healthy environment in your livestock barn, you probably think you want a barn fan. This is one of the traditional tools for helping to maintain good air quality for healthy livestock. The truth is that while there are some things that fans can achieve, there are some traditional uses…

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Will Barn Fans Keep My Animals Cool?

Barn fans have become one of the standard animal husbandry practices we use today. However, it’s understandable to ask whether barn fans can perform the vital function of keeping your animals cool. The answer may surprise you: barn fans usually make little difference in the temperature for your animals, and they can actually make it…

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Agriculture Portable Cooling Needs

From the Greenhouse to the Stables This summer is gearing up to be one of the hottest on record. The negative effects of excessive heat can play a role in all facets of agriculture – from the health of animals to the growth of crops. Here are some important considerations relative to maintaining agricultural environments…

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5 Ways to Avoid Heat-Related Illness on Your Farm

Summer is approaching rapidly. Temperatures on your farm will be getting very hot soon, and it’s crucial that you take the steps necessary to help your farmworkers avoid heat-related illness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fatalities from heat-related illness are 20 times higher among farmworkers than the rest of the…

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