Portacool Demonstration

Portacool Demo

How to use your Portacool Evaporative Cooler

Portacool Jetstream Series

Jetstream Series Overview

Portacool Jetstream 220

Portacool Jetstream 230

Portacool Jetstream 240

Portacool Jetstream 250

Portacool Jetstream 260

Portacool Jetstream 270

Portacool Cyclone Series

Cyclone Series Overview

Portacool Cyclone 110

Portacool Cyclone 120

Portacool Cyclone 130

Portacool Cyclone 160

Kuul Evaporative Media

Kuul Evaporative Media Overview

Kuul Vitality

Kuul Control

Kuul Control FirePro


Evaporative Cooling Overview

Setting up your Portacool portable evaporative cooler

Changing evaporative media

Routine Maintenance

Operational Costs of Portacool portable evaporative coolers

Cyclone 110 Pump Replacement

Cyclone 120 & 130 Pump Replacement

Cyclone 130 Motor Replacement

Jetstream 220 & 230 Pump Replacement

Jetstream 240 Pump Replacement

Jetstream 240 Motor Replacement

Jetstream 250 & 260 Motor Replacement

Jetstream 250, 260, 270 Pump Replacement

Jetstream 270 Motor Replacement

For maintenance videos pertaining to older models visit our YouTube page


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